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william blake

the ghost of a flea (1819-1920)

paul delaroche

napoleon i at fontainebleu (1845)
delaroche is responsible for some of the most emotionally stirring compositions i have ever seen, and also the two funniest paintings of napoleon ever made.

phil hale

possibly my favorite painting?

bob peak

7-up magazine advertisement (1964)

greg smallwood

the human target (2021) #4 (cover)
love this series (can't wait for #7-#12!) but i'm an extremely casual fan of comics; when i went to the comic shop in my college town for the first time this was the cover that caught my eye.

wayne thiebaud

buffet (1972-1975)
basic pick but i saw this in person at the SFMOMA, and the physical texture of every brushstroke makes this really beautiful.

bernie wrightson

illustration for frankenstein by mary shelley (1983)